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Google changes its privacy policy

January 28, 2012

The change in the privacy policy of google is generating a lot of hype among the netizens and the privacy advocates .

Google announced it is unifying the privacy policies covering more than 60 services — including search, Gmail, YouTube etc effective from March 1. The new document gives Google the power to take user information from all its services and use that data to learn about a user. The only way users can avoid  out of the policy is to close their Google accounts.

This is raising eyebrows among the privacy advocates as we don’t know yet the magnitude of control google will have over our Data.

Its like someone is watching us all the time and its a bit creepy that google will be going through our personal email and keeping an archive of it.

Like google, Facebook is also planning to make amends in their privacy policy. Facebook is also planning to keep the data of their users.

Google will be keeping our hardware information, log information, search information, Location information etc. These are only a couple of data that google is going to save but its not only that.

Google’s new policies are raising questions about how Google will use the tracking information it collects on individuals, whether it would assemble detailed dossiers on individuals, how long it would be stored, who might have access to it, and whether it would ever be disclosed publicly or to third parties. The answers might have impact on federal workers, especially those in sensitive positions.

We will have to wait to see its implications that weather it is a case of crying wolf or is it seriously going to affect us.



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